söndag 2 januari 2011

GT5 best cars?

Gran Turismo 5 Best Handing Car List
1. SLS AMG Chromeline: It's on slicks but damn the tires scream on that thing and it just keeps wanting more.

2. 458 Italia: It's almost impossible to crash unless you try to. And you need all the trim, a spoiler & some slicks & it sticks to the road like glue. Beautiful car to drive, such fun.

3. SLS Stealth: It's impossible to make it spin around, unless you get one of the rear wheels on a grass patch (which has happened me several times :P).

4. Chaparral 2G: That's very crazy. And it looks like that it has fans in the back you would wonder if that's what it is.

5. Z06RM: Z06RM has planted unlike before.

6. Furai: The Furai is practically glued to the road.

7. X1: The X1 handles relatively well.

8. Altezza Touring: It's 400bhp and its so light its just madness! You can steer fully at 150mph fine!

9. Skyline R34 Nur: The Skyline R34 Nur' using Mazdamans tune from the tuning forum is a beast on the on the turns with 792 Hp. You are able to use this car and tune to do the Supercar challenge, Tuner and Turbo Challenge. The handling under 180 MPH top speed may be the Lotus Elise 111R. Full Modded and it handles every curve you throw at it. Won two of the supercar races with it. Some drafting involved, but still managed to win by a few seconds.

10. Daihatsu Midget: You can take every corner flat out at 10mph, but still flat out!

11. Ferrari F430: It's favorite car, you could dominate the World Championship event with it. Getting to use it in the Grand Tour was an easy gold.

12. Others: There are also some good handing cars, like Lupo GTi Cup, LOL, Subaru 360, Toyota 88C-V, Mclaren F1 Stealth and so on.

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