söndag 26 februari 2012


Obtained five Cinematic Bonus rewards.
Cinematic Bonus rewards are items received at the end of boss battles containing QTEs. If you succeed flawlessly on the QTEs, "Cinematic Action: Perfect!" will be displayed center on the screen. You will also receive an item with "Cinematic Bonus" written to the left of it on the spoils screen. There are 5 boss battles to earn Cinematic Bonus rewards from:

1. Episode 2 - Bresha Ruins AF005 - Paradox Alpha
2. Episode 2 - Bresha Ruins AF005 - Atlas (Weakened Version)
3. Episode 3 - Sunleth Waterscape AF300 - Royal Ripeness (1st Battle)
4. Episode 4 - City of Academia AF400 - Zenobia
5. Episode 4 - Augusta Tower AF200 - Proto fal'Cie Adam (2nd Battle)

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