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Go all the way back down to the bridge. Cross the bridge to the dam. Use the gunpowder with the dam. Now use the piece of flint with the cannonball. It will blow a hole in the dam and flood the blocked river.

Now go to the place named "pond". Read the note. Herman will show up again. Talk to him. Pick up the rope from under the unhealthy looking man. Enter the map and go down, on the next screen go to the beach. Go to the left and pick up the two bananas on the beach. Go into the jungle again and select the place called "crack". Here you need the two ropes to get down to the oars. Use one rope on the branch. Climb down it and use the other rope on the sturdy stump. Crawl down and pick up the oars and climb back up to the map.

Go back to the beach. Use the oars with the rowboat. Now you see it from above again. Row up to the right, then row around the peninsula and continue up, finally dock at the beach. Herman once again join you. Talk to him. Read the note. Enter the jungle and select the spot named "village". You are now in the Cannibals’ village. Go to the left. Pick up the bananas from the bowl of fruit. Now go to the right, the Cannibals will catch you. Talk to them. You’ll end up trapped in their guest hut. Read the memo. Under the window is Herman’s banana picker, but just leave it there for now. Pick up the skull from the floor and open the loose board underneath. Crawl down the hole. You’ll escape while the Cannibals are talking.

Now go to the beach and row back to the other beach. Go into the jungle and go to the monkey. (A little gray spot running around). Give the five bananas to it. It will now follow you. Go into the jungle again. Go up to the next screen of the map and to the right to next screen, select the spot named "clearing". (See the monkey following you?) Go to the right until you reach the fence surrounding the Great Monkey Head. Pull the middle nose on the totem pole. The gate opens, but when you let go of the nose to enter, it closes again. The monkey sees this and helps you by pulling the nose. Enter the gate. There are a lot of idols in front of the Great Monkey Head. Pick the little one called "wimpy little idol".

Now go all the way back to the beach and row back to the Cannibals’ village. Go from the entrance to the hut where you were trapped and go back towards the entrance again. Now the Cannibals are there. Say, "Don’t eat me! I’ll give you anything!" When they want item to spare your life, give them the wimpy little idol. They are grateful and leave. Now the hut is open so enter it. Pick up the banana picker and leave. Go to the right and you’ll meet Herman. Talk to him and say, "I have your banana picker". Guybrush will give it to him and in return Herman will give Guybrush the monkey head key.

Now walk and row all the way back to the Great Monkey Head. Use the monkey head key in the ear of the Monkey Head. The entrance will open. Go inside. Now go all the way to the right of the screen until you get to the next screen. It’s obvious you can’t find your way through this, so go back outside and row all the way back to the Cannibals. (There is a lot of rowing.) When you meet them say that there is a way they can repay him. When they ask how, say, "I’m looking for somebody". Then say "That’s okay. The people I’m looking for aren’t living." You learn from their talking that they normally makes a potion to get rid of the undead. Say "So why don’t you do that now?" You learn that the main ingredient is a rare root, which LeChuck has stolen. Say, "Where is he hiding it?" and then "Can’t you just go down there and kick him out?" and "I’m off to find LeChuck and get the root!" The Cannibals say you need something to find him, but they won’t tell you what. Ask, "Why are you guys talking in pig Latin?" They explain that it’s a Navigators head, and you can’t find your way through the catacombs without it. When they start talking among them selves, give them the leaflet. It can help them get a new head, so they give you the Navigators head. They tell you that the necklace makes it invisible to ghost and that you should follow its nose and it will lead you to LeChuck.

Now row and walk all the way back to the Great Monkey Head and go inside. Go all the way to the right until you get to the next screen. Now look at the Navigators head. Guybrush will say what way its nose is pointing, go in that direction. Keep doing this every time you get to a new screen. Eventually you will get to LeChuck’s ship. If Guybrush says he is confused, just wait a little while and look at it again. When you get to the ship, talk to the Navigators head. Keep begging for the necklace until he gives it to you. Then "use" the necklace (Guybrush will wear it).

Now go onboard the ghost ship. Guybrush will be invisible. It’s a little weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. You’ll see some ghosts dancing and having fun. Go to the left and open the door. Go inside. Inside you’ll find LeChuck. Don’t move or he will see you. Instead, use the magnetic compass, you got from Stan, on the key on the wall. Leave the room and go past the dancing ghosts and down through the hatch. Down in the room you’ll find a sleeping ghost. Go through the next door. In the next room you’ll find some chickens, pigs and the root locked in a glowing crate. Pick up a chicken, which will get you a feather. Go back to the sleeping ghost and tickle his feet twice with the feather. He will drop a bottle of jug o’grog. Pick it up. Go back to the animals and use they key to unlock the hatch. Go down. Down there are some rats, a dish and a pot of cooking grease. Use the jug o’grog with the dish in front of the big rat. It will drink it and fall asleep. Pick up some of the cooking grease. Go back up to the deck and open the door next to the hatch. It squeaks. Use the glob of grease on the door and open it again. Go trough it. There is a ghost guarding the door to cell where Elaine is held prisoner. Pick up the ghost tools from the wall. Go back down to the glowing crate and use the ghost tools to open it. Look at it and Guybrush will automatically pick up the root. Walk back up and leave the ship and enter the cave again.

(Guybrush will automatically go out of the cave and row back to the Cannibals). A cut-scene follows where Guybrush gives the root to the Cannibals and they leave to make a potion. You’ll then get the chance to talk to a three-headed monkey. After that the Cannibals return and give you the magic seltzer bottle. Leave the village. (Guybrush will automatically walk, row, and walk back to the ghost ship). But when he gets there he discovers that the ship has sailed. Only Bob is still there, because he dropped his head in the lava and the others wouldn’t wait for him. When you talk with him you learn that LeChuck has sailed back to Melee Island to marry Elaine. After that your crew shows up talk to them and you’ll sail back to Melee Island with them. (If you sank your boat with the catapult, Herman will show up and you’ll sail back to Melee Island with him).

Last part – Guybrush kicks butt

When you start you will be back at the dock on Melee Island. Go to the right, a ghost will stop you. Chose a comment from the list and Guybrush will spray him with the magic seltzer bottle. The ghost’s leg will run away. Go towards the church. On the corner you’ll meet grim spectre. Talk to him and select a comment, Guybrush will also spray him with the magic seltzer bottle. He will vanish. Go through the archway and enter the church. Inside you’ll find Elaine and LeChuck about to get married. Scream something and Guybrush will confront LeChuck. When you talk to him you’ll se Elaine lowering herself down behind LeChuck. Talk to Elaine and you’ll discover that it’s two monkeys wearing the wedding dress. The monkeys have a bottle of ghost-zapping root bear, but Guybrush scares them and Elaine chases after them. Talk some more with LeChuck. At some point he will hit Guybrush so he’ll go flying all over the island. When you land at "Stan’s used vessels" you will land in the grog machine, some money and some grog will land on the ground. Stan will show up, but LeChuck will quickly get rid of him. When LeChuck pulls you out of the grog machine, quickly pick up the root beer and use it on LeChuck. Now watch the end and have a nice conversation with Elaine.

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